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There are many different paths to publishing.

At Kayppin Media, we help authors, illustrators, and brands navigate their options depending on their objectives. Our goal is to help as many creatives as possible along their publishing journeys, and in the process, selectively publish impactful, inspirational, and influential books that stand the test of time. We are a team of publishers, agents, and creatives who work together to help your story reach the world.





Publishers acquire manuscripts, mainly through agents.

Not applicable

Kayppin Media selectively acquires publishing partners

Time to Market

6-12 months to land an agent, 6-12 months to sell a manuscript, and typically 18-24 months+ after acquisition for the manuscript to be published (average times may vary) 

At author's own pace

An average of 6-8 months for fully distributed titles, less for eBooks only

Full bookstore distribution


Typically, no bookstore distribution (and limited online availability)

Full bookstore distribution (with an additional focus on DTC)

Royalties and Advancements

Advance plus royalties (5-10%), paid twice annually

All expenses are born by author and all profits flow to author

10% royalty to Kayppin Media (or 20-50% of net sales to authors depending on selected business model). Profits paid monthly.

In-house creative and editorial team


In-house creative and editorial team with backgrounds in traditional publishing

Design, Editing, Printing

Not offered

At author's expense

Kayppin Media offers masterminds and courses 

Continuing Education


None, or upfront fee through a vanity press


Publishing Fee

Up to the individual author


Relies heavily on the author for marketing and targeted to release timeframe

Ongoing (long-term strategy and focus)

Up to the individual author


Giving back to the Community

Typically no cause-related marketing is associated at the publisher level.

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