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Our mission is to give creatives and brands the flexibility and benefits of publishing on their own terms.

There are many different paths to publishing. At Kayppin Media, we help authors, illustrators, and brands navigate their options depending on their objectives. Our goal is to help as many creatives as possible along their publishing journeys, and in the process, selectively publish impactful, inspirational, and influential books that stand the test of time. We are a team of publishers, agents, and creatives who work together to help your story reach the world.


We are a leader in the children’s publishing space, creating award-winning and best-selling titles that sell longer than just one season.


We help lifestyle brands create content to serve their audiences and generate additional revenue streams.


Sharing your knowledge can not only bring authority and credibility, but can support a variety of revenue streams.




  • Deep relationships with Chinese, U.S., Mexican, and Canadian offset printers. Discounted POD options.

  • We are distributed to the trade by Two Rivers Distribution, an Ingram brand and global leader in book distribution. With a sales force of 45+ people dedicated to selling our titles, long-standing relationships with key players in all the major distribution channels, and shipping to over 30,000 accounts around the globe, we give every book the broadest reach possible while strategically focusing on sales through the channels best suited for each title. With global distribution and a dual focus on DTC and the trade, you can find us wherever books are sold.

  • Over 16+ years in publishing, marketing, brand building, creative, and business strategy.

  • 6-8 month average lead time for new releases.

  • Publish at your own pace. You have the ability to feed your fans with content on a consistent basis.

  • Have access to sales team and editorial insights, but all final decisions are yours.

  • Reap the benefits of sharing some risk for higher rewards and more frequent payments.

Let's bring your ideas to life! Learn more about how we work together, including agent representation for traditional publishing, here.

To learn more about the different Paths to Publishing, view this Comparison Chart.

Yolanda Gampp

How To Cake It & Crime Scene Kitchen

Mike Bender

NYT Bestselling Author and Founder,

Uncle Jack with Damon Vonn

TikTok sensation


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